The Associated Press reports that a series of car bombings in Iraq's capital have killed at least 27 people.

Officials told the AP that the deadliest bombing occurred in the Shiite neighborhood of Abu Dashir. There, a suicide bomber ran a car full of explosives into a checkpoint, killing at least nine people—including four policemen—and wounding 19. From the AP:

The attacks are among the most significant in Baghdad since insurgents led by the Islamic State extremist group captured Iraq's second-largest city Mosul last month at the start of its blitz. After Mosul's fall, the government moved aggressively to try to secure Baghdad amid fears it might fall as well, and the city has seen few major attacks in recent weeks.

Later in the day, three car bombs went off in under 10 minutes in the districts of Baiyaa, Jihad, and Khazimiyah. They killed at least 15 and wounded another 42. Another car bomb in Khazimiyah killed three and wounded 15.

[image via AP]