Two bombs exploded outside Christian churches in Lahore, Pakistan's second most populous city, today during Sunday services, killing 14 and wounding 78, NBC News reports.

"I was sitting at a shop near the church when a blast jolted the area," said one witness. "I rushed towards the spot and saw the security guard scuffle with a man who was trying to enter the church, after failing, he blew himself up."

According to CNN, the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings, promising to continue such attacks until Sharia law is instituted in Pakistan.

In the aftermath of the blasts, police say mobs of angry Christians gathered to lynch two suspected Taliban informers, burning one of them to death.

Reuters reports that Lehore is generally considered less dangerous than many other parts of the country, but violence has become more common since last year, when the government launched a military campaign against the Taliban following unsuccessful peace talks.

[Image via AP Images]