Lenovo, the global technology manufacturing firm that recorded nearly $30 billion in revenue last year, has named Ashton Kutcher, a former male model who rose to fame playing the stupid one on That 70s Show, as its new "Project Engineer." The time to dump your Lenovo stock is now.

Ad Age reports that Ashton will be doing more for Lenovo's new tablet than just appearing attractive and winsome as his face is juxtaposed with that of the product in a television advertisement; he'll also be "flying to company headquarters in China, where he will spend several days conferring with engineers and designers," highly educated professionals who will be forced to listen to Ashton Kutcher's thoughts about the sophisticated computer device they are tasked with building.

The biggest surprise of all: "the product engineer job was [Ashton Kutcher's] idea."

Lenovo computer company's newest project engineer boasts an extraordinarily symmetrical face.

[Photo: Getty]