At the 41st Berlin Marathon on Sunday morning, Dennis Kimetto beat the world record for the fastest-run marathon, shaving off 26 seconds of the original 2:03:23 record. "The fans made me confident and I thought I could do it," he said.

While no fans are cheering us on when we miserably hit the treadmill, Kimetto seemed understandably pleased with his 2 hour, 2 minute, and 57 second run time.

Via the AP:

The 30-year-old Kenyan knocked 26 seconds off the record of 2:03:23 set by compatriot Wilson Kipsang in Berlin last year to become the first man to complete a marathon in under two hours, three minutes.

The Berlin marathon was run by 40,004 people from 130 nations, the AP reports. Kimetto took almost a full minute off of his own personal record, which he'd hit last year to win the Chicago Marathon at 2:03:45.

When asked if he could beat this new record, he simply replied: "Yeah." Us too. Easy.

[Image via AP]