The subreddit at the eye of the shitstorm currently spreading across Internet hellhole, r/IAmA, has come back online after being set as private for less than a day.

Victoria Taylor, a Reddit administrator and the site’s Director of Talent, was recently and unexpectedly fired, sending the subreddit she worked most closely with into a tailspin. Other subreddits began closing down out of... solidarity? Or something.

Upon re-opening to the public, the subreddit’s moderators wrote,

We have taken the day to try to understand how Reddit will seek to replace Victoria, and have unfortunately come to the conclusion that they do not have a plan that we can put our trust in. The admins have refused to provide essential information about arranging and scheduling AMAs with their new ‘team.’ This does not bode well for future communication between us, and we cannot be sure that everything is being arranged honestly and in accordance with our rules. The information we have requested is essential to ensure that money is not changing hands at any point in the procedure which is necessary for /r/IAmA to remain equal and egalitarian. As a result, we will no longer be working with the admins to put together AMAs. Anyone seeking to schedule an AMA can simply message the moderators or email us at, and we’d be happy to assist and help prepare them for the AMA in any way.

That post was followed shortly by an AMA request for Taylor herself.

Update 2:20 pm – Someone claiming to be former Reddit employee David Croach has set up an AmA in which he alleges CEO Ellen Pao fired him in February of this year, “stating that work would be too demanding for my health (something that I still, personally, should have been decided by me and my doctor - not someone who I had effectively never worked with while she was CEO).” This person claims that they were diagnosed with leukemia in 2012.

Incidentally, as the New York Times’ Mike Isaac points out, David Croach is the community manager who banned all links to former Gawker writer Adrian Chen’s 2012 profile of infamous Redditor violentacrez.

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