Although George R.R. Martin was all over Comic-Con this year, not everyone involved in Game of Thrones was so hungry for the San Diego spotlight. Maisie Williams, the hilarious young actress who plays Arya Stark, preferred to roam the convention floor in relative anonymity.

Much like Arya, Maisie knows how to move through a crowd undetected—you'll probably find out about this next season, non-book-readers—but her technique is much less sophisticated: She just throws on a Spider-Man or Guy Fawkes mask and blends in with the rest of the cosplayers.

It wasn't the most clever celebrity Comic-Con disguise ever—that'd be Bryan Cranston's Walter White mask from last year—but it got the job done.

Williams also reports via Instagram that filming for season 5 of Game of Thrones is underway. Valar morghulis.

[H/T Uproxx, Photo: Instagram]