A photograph of Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning wearing makeup and a blonde wig was released yesterday by the army as part of documentation related to Manning's trial. It's the first such photo of Manning, who is transgender.

The photograph was attached to emails Manning had sent to a therapist, Capt. Michael Worsley, and an NCOIC, Sgt. Paul Adkins, about gender identity, in which the army private expressed a belief that a career in the military might "get rid of it." Manning's lawyers introduced the email to Adkins and accompanying photograph as part of the trial. (Update to note: This paragraph has been changed to clarify that it was, specifically, the photograph to Adkins that was introduced as evidence.)

Manning apologized yesterday for leaking classified State Department cables Wikileaks, releasing a statement that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange implied was forced: "It took three years and millions of dollars to extract two minutes of tactical remorse from this brave soldier," he said in a statement.