A group of psychotic, heavily armed Islamophobes in north Texas, who call themselves the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, have posted names and addresses of Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers” to their Facebook page, reports The Guardian.

This is a group who “staged an armed protest outside an Islamic centre in the Dallas suburb of Irving last Saturday.” Their spokesman, David Wright, is a real clown:

“We’re here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America, protesting the Islamisation of America.”

These loonies reportedly got their info on Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers” from a list of people who participated in an Irving city council meeting “where the council voted to endorse a planned state bill emphasizing the already enshrined primacy of domestic laws above foreign laws.” Because people in Texas are legit worried about Sharia law. Damn it.

Many Muslims in the community felt targeted by the event, which came after the Irving mayor, Beth Van Duyne, made waves in the rightwing media by making references to an Islamic dispute mediation panel that wrongly became characterized as an “illegal Sharia court”.

I dunno, guys. Might be time to send Bugs Bunny down to Texas with a big hacksaw and set that moral wasteland adrift in the Gulf of Mexico.

[The Guardian]

Photo via AP