Here’s your daily affirmation that it’s not good to be Chris Brown—according to the AP, a group of armed, masked men broke into the singer’s home last night and seriously terrorized his poor aunt.

The robbery reportedly began around 2 a.m. when three armed men wearing black bandanas over their faces forced their way into Brown’s Los Angeles home, located in a gated community.

(It’s not the first time Brown’s home has been broken into, though the last time was decidedly more naked and less violent.)

His aunt, who was the only one home, was allegedly threatened at gunpoint and shoved in a closet while the assailants robbed the joint. Brown was clubbing at in Hollywood at the time—TMZ reports he left around 2:15 a.m., as the robbery was occurring.

The robbers got away with an “unknown amount of cash, electronics and personal items,” before the aunt was able to escape the closet to call 911, according to the AP.

There’s reportedly security footage of the home invasion, which cops are reviewing. Brown’s mom tells TMZ she thinks it was an inside job perpetrated by his “no good-ass friends”

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