At a press conference on Tuesday, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said the officer who fatally shot Christian Taylor on Friday has been terminated “for exercising poor judgment” and had no physical contact with the unarmed teen before firing.

This account contradicts an earlier version of the incident given by Johnson, who told The New York Times this weekend that two officers “struggled” with Taylor before the shooting.

Johnson said on Tuesday he had “serious concerns” about Officer Brad Miller’s need to use lethal force, but a grand jury will ultimately decide whether he should be charged criminally. From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

While outlining the events leading up to the fatal shooting of Christian Taylor, Johnson said rookie officer Brad Miller “exercised poor judgment” that led to “cascading consequences.”

Miller’s “unilateral decision to enter the building alone and to pursue [Christian Taylor] helped create an unrecoverable outcome,” Johnson said, adding that the decision put other officers on the scene at risk.

On social media, Star-Telegram reporter Monica S. Nagy tweeted further details of the shooting as offered by Johnson on Tuesday.

As he was still in field training, Officer Miller is reportedly unable to appeal his termination.

[Image via AP Images]