While you were out eating dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend — or, alternately, watching House of Cards by yourself — Andrew Dekenipp was scaling walls and fighting through razor wire at Pinal County Adult Detention Center. He had love on his mind.

According to police in Coolidge, AZ, Dekenipp was apprehended about three hours after he escaped from prison on Valentine's Day. He was captured at Gallopin' Goose Saloon & Grill — 4.5 stars on Yelp! — where he had been waiting for his girlfriend, who arrived minutes before police.

In order to escape the prison, Dekenipp had to climb a 12-foot fence, crawl through razor wire, and then climb another razor-topped fence, which he was apparently able to do? Then again, Dekenipp has some experience: he was initially arrested on Jan. 10 for suspicion of vehicle theft, trafficking in stolen property, unlawful flight, theft and driving on a suspended license.

According to officials, Dekenipp had told other inmates that he was brokenhearted after having been away from his girlfriend for over a month. Nonetheless, like so many on Valentine's Day, he didn't get to have any sex.