University of Arizona's famed Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter—you know, the one that reportedly drugged Johnny Knoxville—has allegedly continued its pattern of misconduct by assaulting members of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish frat on campus.

In a letter to students, the Dean of Students said SAE brothers have been accused of "acts of discrimination and assault against members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity." The letter continues:

Reportedly on or about November 14, 2014, approximately 15 members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon forced entry into the off campus residence of UA students, yelling discriminatory comments at the UA students and physically assaulting them.

The university has banned SAE from going near the AEPi house. SAE headquarters has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time AEPi has reported discriminatory attacks. AEPi President Gideon Rafal told KVOA that when he asked a stranger to leave the AEPi house back in March, the guy came back with others to assault him.

"At that point he starts backing off with his hand raised saluting Hitler and he runs into a house right next to our house and comes out with 20 guys," Rafal explained. "I had a skull fracture, lower back fracture, bleeding in the brain and a concussion."

No arrests were made in that incident.

[Photo via SAE]