Meeting the parents is always complicated. There’s even several movies about it! But this week Ariana Grande’s father had a message for her boyfriend that couldn’t be simpler: Please do not give my daughter any dick.

On Tuesday, rapper Big Sean uploaded an otherwise unremarkable selfie to Instagram captioned “I give her that D... #Detroit,” an impossibly subtle reference to his verse on 2012’s “Mercy,” his city of origin and also his penis.

Seeing this, Grande’s father Edward Butera then left Sean a stern warning, writing, “that D. better be Detroit Sean [and not the aforementioned penis].”

As of Sunday, Sean has yet to respond to Butera’s demand. Given, however, that one person in the relationship is an adult baby and the other is pathologically incapable of even saying the word, dick-giving in general seems unlikely.

[ Images via Getty/Twitter/Instagram]