The vice president of Argentina, Amado Boudou, has formally been charged in a corruption scandal where it is alleged that Boudou abused his power as economy minister to assure that a company he allegedly controlled was given the contract to print Argentine currency.

The case began earlier this month when Boudou was questioned for seven hours in a closed-door inquisition by a judge. There have been calls for Boudou to step down, but he denies the allegations and has not made any motions to leave his position.

Via the BBC:

The case involves the Ciccone Calcografica printing company that has been under investigation for more than three years.

Mr Boudou is suspected of using a front man to buy the company when it filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

The company later received tax breaks to pay its debts.

If convicted in the case, Boudou could face up to six years in prison. He is currently free while he awaits trial.

[Image via AP]