Aretha Franklin, queen of all things good as well as my heart, got into an altercation with an employee at a Lewiston, N.Y. Johnny Rockets on Tuesday when she was told she had ordered her burger for takeout and couldn't, therefore, sit in the restaurant and eat it. Wack policy or valid complaint?

The Queen of Soul was reportedly approached by a "new and very young employee" (how young? too young?) of the burger-and-fries-and-whatever chain, to demand that she not sit down and eat her burger because she'd ordered it to-go.

The employee, according to Franklin's camp, was "very rude, unprofessional and nasty" and screamed at her that Franklin had disrespected Johnny Rockets' takeout policy.

The chain has since apologized and the "very young employee" has been reprimanded.

[Image via AP]