Attention, everyone who's made fun of Pharrell Williams for wearing an "Arby's hat": Arby's wants you to know it's right there with you. After the singer put his 5-story fedora up on eBay for charity, the company shelled out $44,000 to "get our hat back."

The restaurant that should basically change its name to Curly Fries first made the joke when Pharrell debuted the hat at the Grammys.

Two weeks ago, the hat, a design collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Smokey the Bear, went up on eBay to support Pharrell's charity, From One Hand to AnOTHER.

And, unwilling to let a decent joke die, Arby's decided to mock Pharrell again after the auction ended on Oscar night. Donating five figures to at-risk youth in underserved communities? Sick burn!

Pharrell got the last laugh, though. He wore a similar hat Sunday night while performing his Best Original Song contender, "Happy." No word on how much he plans to charge Arby's to get this one back.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]