According to Billboard, Apple is reportedly pouring at least $100 million into a campaign surrounding U2's new album, which you may be aware of after it was put onto your phone without your consent. A large sum of that money went directly to U2, while the public got a new U2 album for free. Let's tally up the winners and losers of this transaction.


Spent: Over $100 million. (As The Verge reminds us, Apple has revenues in the hundreds of billions.)

Received: A new album by U2, advertising in direct (television commercials) and indirect formats (breathless liveblogging by the tech media).


Spent: An undisclosed sum, likely somewhere in the five or six figures, in order to produce an album.

Received: Many millions of dollars from Apple.

Apple customers

Spent: Nothing.

Received: A new album by U2.

I think we got fucked on this, you guys.