If you are an Atlanta Falcons season-ticket holder and enjoy the company of professional cheerleaders, congratulations: you can now order a cheerleader to your stadium seat via app. To uh, take a picture. It's a plot only creepy NFL marketers and anti-social app developers could devise.

According to ESPN, the cheerleader visit is a perk in the Falcons' "Memories" app, which will allow season-ticket holders to sign up for fun in-game experiences this season. There will be 16 cheerleader visits per game, and they work like this: "After the team confirms that the fan who ordered the experience is in his or her seat, the cheerleaders—escorted by security—arrive to take a photo."

Security detail aside, the Falcons' chief marketing and revenue officer Jim Smith seems to know this is a bad idea. "It's not like you can order them to your seat after you've had eight beers," he told ESPN. "If things don't look right, we're not going there." Hmm. Does the app have a built-in breathalyzer, too?

No word on whether the cheerleaders will get paid any more for this extra work.

[Image via Facebook]