Photo: YouTube/Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC

The political action committee Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands ran its first television spot Wednesday night, encouraging MSNBC viewers in the Washington metropolitan area to sign a petition demanding Donald Trump release his official hand measurements.

“We need a president who can grasp the complexity of the world and hold off the decline of a great nation,” states the ad. “Together, we can learn if Donald Trump can truly handle being commander-in-chief.”

The group, founded in Portland, Oregon, earlier this year as “Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC,” was forced to change its name in March after the FEC noted they did not “appear to be an authorized committee of that candidate.” Since then, however, the PAC has managed to raise at least $1,752 toward their cause.

“We need to raise awareness as to the dangers and risks of Donald Trump having tiny hands,” PAC spokesperson Katie Nguyen told The Oregonian on Tuesday. “We need to see the measurements of Donald Trump hands. Preferably notarized from his physician.”

First labeled a “short-fingered vulgarian” by Spy magazine more than 25 years ago, accusations of small-handedness dogged the Republican presidential candidate throughout the primary race. In March, Trump not entirely convincingly claimed that his hands were “normal. Slightly large, actually.”