This clip from ABC's hidden camera series What Would You Do? is just a bit more poignant today than, say, yesterday, but it truly is an evergreen of verbal justice.

The premise of this particular "social experiment" was to test the response of random restaurant patrons to the racist rants of an Islamophobic customer.

You can watch the whole thing, or you can skip ahead to 4:45 to see something truly remarkable.

Thinking he's picked an easy target, the "bigot" starts to egg on a US soldier in uniform, warning him that he's about to give his business to a Muslim.

"We live in America. He can have any religion he wants," the medic responds without a second thought.

After some more taunting from ABC's paid actor, the soldier, fed up, delivers this powerful finishing move: "You have a choice to shop anywhere just like he has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That's the reason I wear the uniform — so anyone can live free in this country."


[H/T: Guyism]