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Amy Kushnir, who lost her shit on Tuesday's episode of her View-esque local Dallas gabfest The Broadcast, used yesterday's show to explain why she stormed off set during a discussion about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend. (Spoiler alert: The explanation does not contain sentence, "I'm a tantrum-throwing homophobe.")

Said Kushnir:

I feel personally that I was not able to express my opinions appropriately without being interrupted. I felt like I was being painted to be something that I personally was not. Everybody that knows me knows that I love everybody, and I'm a deeply loving person, and I get choked up because I truly love deeply. Um, so with that being said, I felt like I had no choice but to get up, push myself out of the situation because we were going nowhere, as you probably saw, and we have a term around here that we say: we're going to Midland. And what that means, actually Suzie started this trend, and what that means is we're going to excuse ourself from the conversation...politely. And that's what I did. I just decided it was time to go to Midland. And I went to Midland, and I'm back and I'm a happy camper, and I"m ready to move on. Next. Let's talk about something else.

Her contrived, fleeting moment of being choking up offends me. I don't want to see that.

Full segment is below.