Responding to earlier reports that filmmakers had cut footage, damaging to the Clinton campaign, from a new documentary about Anthony Weiner, co-director Elyse Steinberg said, “There was no footage that was taken out.” That, presumably, is an overstatement, as the filmmakers were working with 400 hours of raw footage.

Steinberg and co-director Josh Kriegman addressed the Marc Theatre audience after the film’s world premier at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday afternoon, the Hollywood Reporter reports. Kriegman, formerly Weiner’s district chief of staff, said the accusations had been made “by people who haven’t even seen the movie.”

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is Hillary Clinton’s top aide. According to reviews, the film does not explicitly show Clinton or her surrogates pressuring Abedin to distance herself from her perennially embarrassing husband. And yet:

There is, however, an implication that Abedin opted not to join Weiner on election day on the advice of someone named Phillipe (Phillipe Reines served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Clinton and is the likely person referenced).

Multiple parties who viewed early cuts of the film told The Hollywood Reporter that Clinton’s team is seen trying to pressure Abedin. It is unclear if what they saw is the same footage that appears in the film, where Phillipe is referenced twice in regards to Abedin keeping a low profile as Weiner’s political career detonates.

Despite that detonation, Weiner has managed to keep himself in the public eye—or at least our Twitter feeds. “I have no choice but to not let it debilitate me,” he told the Salt Lake Tribune, after being asked why he doesn’t quit social media (which seems to have facilitated most, and possibly even all, of his bad behavior).

“It also doesn’t make me care any less, or make me think that if I have something clever to say on Twitter I shouldn’t say it, or if I have an idea I shouldn’t espouse it, or if I have a company that needs my help I shouldn’t help, or if someone calls me for advice on how to run for office I shouldn’t sit down with him. I don’t know what my alternative is.”

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