Marshall Sella of Gentlemen’s Quarterly just got back from trailing Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign (including the candidate’s near-immediate meltdown) for several agonizing months. A few weeks after his final exit, Weiner shared with Sella a few thoughts about his resounding defeat in September’s Democratic primary. Hoo boy, here we go:

“I will say this,” he said, saying this: “I have no desire to walk into a bar and pick up a woman. I love my wife.

“And maybe if the Internet didn’t exist?” he added. “Like, if I was running in 1955? I’d probably get elected mayor.”


Does Weiner mean here that the ability to send lewd pictures of oneself to attractive strangers arose from the Internet? That his desire to send said pictures of himself was inseparable from the Internet’s existence? Or perhaps that his habit of making promises to the public and his wife and then secretly breaking them, thereby angering his constituents and publicly humiliating his wife to a degree perhaps no other woman has ever experienced, is the Internet’s fault?

It’s an interesting theory he’s got there! Give him that, at least.

And, to be fair, it’s not like Weiner is completely un-self-aware. Regarding the media’s treatment of his wife and Clintonland doyenne Huma Abedin:

“I duck it as best I can,” he added, “but [Huma’s] reputation has become the Woman Who Married an Idiot and Stuck with Him. More of it rolls off my back, because that’s the way I am constitutionally. She’s more sensitive. I’m just an empty, soulless vessel, so it doesn’t hurt me as much.”

We’re not sure whether we want him to be lying, yet again, or not.

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