Anthony Cumia, part of the shock jock duo of SiriusXM's The Opie and Anthony Show, exploded into a hours-long, racist rant on his Twitter feed last night after he was allegedly attacked by a woman and a group of men in Times Square. Cumia, along with his co-host Gregg "Opie" Hughes, have a long, sordid history in talk radio for their debauched antics, which have resulted in multiple FCC fines, suspensions, and outright firings over the years. But Cumia's history of racism appears to be just as long and shocking as the stunts he participates in on his radio show. And it's mostly gone hidden in plain sight.

The duo have had a number of public-facing debacles (they're even their own category on TV Tropes). In 1998, they were fired from their Worcester, Mass. radio station after an April Fools Day prank in which they reported that the city's mayor at the time, Thomas M. Menino, died in a car accident. (Their stunt got them hired at another station in New York.)

But most people are probably familiar with when the two were suspended from XM (before its merger with Sirius) in 2007 for 30 days after their "Homeless Charlie" segment, in which a homeless man the two dubbed Charlie expressed his desire to rape then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (and then First Lady Laura Bush). From the show, as lovingly preserved by OAPedia:

Charlie: I tell you what. What's that George Bush bitch.. um Rice? Condoleezza Rice?

Anthony: Condoleezza Rice, yea.

Charlie: I'd love to fuck that bitch. She needs a fukin' man. I'll fuck that bitch...

Anthony: I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice's face

Opie: (Laughing) As she realizes what's going on.

Anthony: As you were just holding her down and fucking her.

Charlie: Punch her all in the fucking face. Shut up bitch!

Anthony: That's exactly what I meant.


Their suspension—a month after Don Imus' comments about the Rutgers University's women's basketball team—was met with outrage from fans, who cancelled their XM subscription en masse, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Their show has been fined twice by the FCC. The first was after two complaints made about sexual content involving underge girls. From the official FCC document:

The show hosts asked a seventeen-year-old girl to remove her panties and rub the telephone on her pubic hair. The show hosts called the game, "Teen Guess What's In My Pants?" The show hosts gave detailed instructions regarding how to rub the telephone across the girl's pubic area. After each direction from the host, the station broadcast the sound of the telephone rubbing across the girl's pubic area.

The second complaint includes excerpts from a song allegedly broadcast on the January 8, 2001 "Opie and Anthony Show." The excerpts were lyrics sung by a man who is "horny for little girls," liked girls between the ages of two and three, liked the girls' "round butts" and "liked to ram them."

The second was in 2002 after their annual "Sex for Sam" stunt, in which they select couples to have sex in public places around New York City. For "Sex for Sam 3," a couple called in saying they were having sex in a vestibule at St. Patrick's Cathedral during mass. The Catholic League, furious, demanded that Opie and Anthony be fired, and their station at the time, WNEW, obliged, cancelling their show (but paid them through the end of their contract). Two years later, they landed a new show on XM.

Following our post yesterday, a number of videos and audio clips demonstrating Cumia's racism have been sent our way. One, from 1994 and during the OJ Simpson trial, is a "parody" music video of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" made by Cumia's band Rotgut. In the video Cumia, in blackface, sings about OJ Simpson getting the electric chair. The chorus: "They gonna 'lectric shock OJ / cook my behind like a chicken croquette."

This was the song that originally brought Hughes and Cumia together, with Hughes bringing Cumia on full-time after he aired his song on his Long Island radio show in 1994 and was ostensibly Cumia's first public display of his racist ideals.

The Opie and Anthony show airs weekdays on SiriusXM from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST and started airing on the satellite radio service in 2004. And in the intervening decade, from what former listeners and tipsters have told us, Cumia's (and Hughes and frequent collaborator Jim Norton) racism has run deep. And while it's long been a part of his on-air repertoire, it's become especially pronounced as of late, leaving even longtime fans cold. The highlights of what we've been told:

• He's apparently fond of saying "mulatto mongrel" on his show, as one tipster writes, a quote he got from the 1988 film Mississippi Burning.

• And as we've learned Cumia's Twitter account is indeed, "a rabbit hole of racism," as another tipster writes. His "negro" lawn ornaments:

• Another tipster sent along this 42-minute clip from a June 2013 show where Cumia explains to Jim Norton how he wasn't brought up with racist attitudes:

"Were you brought up in a very racist household?"

"No, actually I goof about it and stuff but it wasn't. My mother used to say when I'd ask her, 'Hey, can you get me that?' and she'd say, 'What do I look, three shades darker than you?' you know, things like that. Innocent, fun things. You know the Brazil nuts? They were called nigger toes at grandma's house. Things like that. You know, if I fucking got $10 in my birthday card and I wanted to go to the store to buy something, my mother would say that I'm acting like I'm nigger rich."

• One tipster sent in a clip from when he, a black man, called into the Jim Norton Show (his call starts at the 12:30 mark) to question why Opie and Anthony was devoting more and more time to Cumia's racist viewpoints. "I'm telling you you lost a fan because of the way you've been on the show," caller Darren Williams tells Cumia. "Eh, a black fan," Cumia responds.

• Indeed, a number of listeners of his show have written to say how they've stopped listening to the show because of the intensity of the racist content. One tipster writes:

Been an O&A fan for 5 years, but recently Anthony has been unlistenable. What used to be somewhat "intelligent" race discussions have now devolved into uncomfortable white pride rants.

His sexism is also at an all-time high. I tune out more than I tune in these days. Too much negativity that early in the morning.

And according to the same tipster, Cumia's racist comments started becoming more pronounced on the show following the coverage of George Zimmerman (whom Cumia sympathizes with) and Trayvon Martin:

Probably since Patrice died and the George Zimmerman situation happened. From there, there were hours or days that I turned off the show due to his racism or anti-liberal, anti-women rants. After that, I just lost interest unless they had their comedian friends on. But even those guys have been scarce lately.

The Patrice mentioned by the tipster is the late comedian Patrice O'Neal, who was a frequent guest host on Opie and Anthony. O'Neal helped them pull a stunt in which he and Cumia, dressed as a Nazi, try to hail cabs in New York City to see which, "niggers or Nazis," get more taxis to stop.

• Another tipster writes about how Cumia regularly mentions on-air how he frequents Nigger Mania, which is a website and series of forums that are "dedicated to spreading the truth and presenting facts about niggers."

Cumia is a loose cannon and makes a show that I've come to love over the years almost unbearable to listen to these days. He goes on race-fuled tirades all the time. He makes claims of frequenting a website called "niggermania."

Forum posters are delighted that Cumia name-drops their site on-air. One post, from user Masterrace88 dated March 14, 2012, offers additional corroborating evidence:

The O & A show is pretty good and definitely far from anything "pc." Anthony loves this site. I've heard many podcasts where he mentions this site either directly or indirectly. One that I listened to recently he was talking about this site without giving the name out. His listeners and Opie know exactly what site he was referring to. He regularly refers to this site when talking about nigger crime, recent nigger news, or other nigger BS that goes on with media. He also hates Obama with a passion. From the last I heard he doesn't care if people call him a racist or not. Anthony is pretty smart guy and knows his opinions come from fact and reality just like everything on this forum. I'm sure he didn't really care at all when his fat nigger co-host dropped dead from a KFC overdose not too long ago.

• But the clip that has been sent to us the most is this 47 minute-long Opie and Anthony discussion of eugenics from last year. From around the 15:15 mark:

I do genuinely believe that there is a set parameter for different people. I think you're starting off at a certain base. Whether you can transcend that or not is very individualistic. But on the whole I do believe there are certain peoples that are, um, more advanced than others from the beginning, at the get-go.

I've requested comment from SiriusXM and will update with their statement should they respond.

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