Eighteen-month-old Colin Lambert had to be rescued by firefighters Tuesday from a claw machine inside a laundromat in Maryville, Tenn after he climbed inside and got stuck. Little Lambert is the latest small child to find his way into the potentially perilous trenches of a claw machines filled with stuffed animal toys.

Lambert's grandmother, Diane O'Neill, said she looked away from her grandson for "just a moment" to check a text on her phone when he disappeared in the bowels of the claw machine. "All I could see was his feet. He had already crawled in," she told WBIR. "I grabbed his feet and he kicked my hand and got in. Climbed up over the glass partition and sat down in the toys."

Firefighters were able to free the child from his plastic and plush prison. They even let him keep a toy from the claw machine, ostensibly as a way to remember his time there. But according to WBIR, this is a family with a history of getting trapped in public places:

This wasn't the first time someone in the O'Neill family needed to be rescued by police. When Colin's aunt was younger, she locked herself in a bathroom at TCBY Yogurt and police had to come open the door. Colin's uncle also once got stuck in a picnic table and had to be pulled out by firefighters.

[Image via WBIR]