There's just something about spiders that makes people want to burn them to death with homemade aerosol flamethrowers, even if their houses nearly burn down in the process. It happened earlier this year in Seattle, causing $60,000 in damage, and now it's occurred again in Wales.

The BBC reports a Bridgend woman called a relative to help get rid of the spider and, perhaps taking a page from the Seattle man's book, they tried to burn it to death. The homeowner "sprayed a spider with an aerosol and then set it alight," according to South Wales Fire and Rescue.

The fire was quickly extinguished and no humans were hurt. The spider's condition was unclear, but it seems unlikely it survived the flaming aerosol attack.

After getting the small blaze under control, South Wales Fire and Rescue posted this safety tip that shouldn't be necessarily, but apparently is:

[H/T UPI, Photo via DaveHax/YouTube]