This thing is never, never going to leave your nightmares.

Meet “Abby the Abused Chicken,” the terrifying mascot of Mercy for Animals, an advocacy group concerned with farmed animals. Good lord, you are thinking, as you blast vomit all over your keyboard. I can’t blame you. No one can blame you.

Abby recently attended an action outside a Southwest Miami McDonald’s intended to prod McDonald’s as it transitions away from factory farmed animal proteins, reports the Miami Herald.

The photo above, you might notice, was not taken at a Miami McDonald’s. No, it was taken at an action in Los Angeles. Abby travels. She could be anywhere. She could be right outside your bedroom.

Also, yeah, that’s Moby standing there next to Abby.

Abby has apparently been raised from the dead after being boiled, busted, partially defeathered, and had her throat slit. Which, look, if that thing comes within a hundred feet of my family, she will wish she was a 10-piece McNuggets.

If you see this monster in the wild, just run. RUN!

Photo via Getty Images