Quin Hillyer is a white male conservative who writes for National Review. So? Does he not have the same rights as anyone else? The right to call a woman a slut, and to deploy racial slurs as he deems necessary?

When you consider how many vital issues are facing our world today, it makes you feel very lucky that a thinker of the caliber of Quin Hillyer chose to bless us with an essay on the very most vital issue of them all: the fundamental right of white male conservatives to use language that is egregiously offensive to others.

To 50-year-old men, 20-year-old females are indeed "girls." Not women. Get over it.

If girls act like Lena Dunham's character on Girls, they are sluts. Anybody with such a fetish for vile exhibitionism, and for public sex, is a slut. The boys whom the show's main characters consort with, meanwhile — equally exhibitionist, equally casual about sex, and equally without scruples or decency — are scum.

What other preposterous offenses against accuracy in diction is The Left guilty of?

We long ago lost the word "gay." The Left is now expropriating the word "marriage." Several years ago, somebody tried to take away the perfectly wonderful "niggardly." Well, I'm sorry, but they can't have "alien," too. And if Barack Obama happens to be miserly, then, well, he is niggardly, too.


Speaking of horses, they are really effective when ridden by courageous redskins.


Well nice meeting you, I need to go over here now.

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