A group gathered at Brooklyn’s Fools Gold’s Day Off party on Monday was interrupted by a strange, chilling occurrence. Though no one of this realm seemed to be performing at the time, a ghastly voice rang out over the venue’s sound system, telling a man in the crowd to puuut dooown his Draaake siiign.

“Put that Drake sign up again, nigga! Fuck you talkin’ about, you fuckin’ clown?!” the apparition wailed from the life beyond this one. The air in the room suddenly grew frosty, and if anyone there had been packing an EMF detector, it seems safe to guess that it would have jumped wildly.

“I want you to stand next him all night,” the voice said, apparently speaking to someone on the stage. This person then moved into the crowd as if in a trance, compelled by the poltergeist’s command, and stood near the man with the sign.

The rest of the night proceeded without incident, and the dissatisfied spirit that roamed the stage did no harm to any of the Drake fans. After a satisfying evening, they all dispersed and returned to their homes, the spell broken.

No one knows who the ghost was or what it wanted—it apparently doesn’t show up on video, although its bone-rattling voice can be heard in a recording of the incident.

Drake’s Views from the 6 comes out later this year. Everyone is looking forward to it.

[h/t TMZ]