Despicable gutter tabloid columnist and human embodiment of the emotion of hate Andrea Peyser today uses her column today to piss on the memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Peyser—who is a professional slut-shamer, not a professional addiction counselor or psychologist—combines her malevolent disposition with an absolute ignorance of the nuanced topic at hand, and comes up with this:

Yet glorifying and enabling drug abusers is what those in the multibillion-dollar addiction industry do best. Since he succumbed to an apparent heroin overdose Feb. 2, Hoffman, the brilliant performer who won a Best Actor Oscar for 2005's "Capote," is painted by leaders in the drug trade not as an adult who made the fatal decision to get high. Hoffman is routinely infantilized as the victim of a "disease" — a word I reject like ebola.

The recovery vultures are circling. Profiteers who make their livings from human misery have been jumping in front of TV cameras and keyboards — shrinks, rehab providers, celebrities and advocates of the ubiquitous, and usually useless, 12-step recovery programs.

"For stars with unlimited means and toadies at their disposal, traditional treatment programs clearly don't work. It's doubtful they work for anyone," writes Peyser, whose professional expertise lies primarily in deducing the specific level of outrage required for various teen nipple piercings. "He made his choice," she concludes, singlehandedly obliterating a century's worth of addiction rehabilitation theory with a jaunty, dismissive flair.

Also in her column today, Andrea Peyser discusses how much she misses Jay Leno.

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