Angry Birds is a new feature in which ChartGirl's Hilary Sargent takes a look at the ruffled feathers in the latest Twitter flaps. Today's: labor journalist Mike Elk vs. Buzzfeed political reporter Rosie Gray, engaged in a feud over Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, his son Max, and Max's new book about Israel.

Dramatis Personae

Mike Elk, a labor journalist for In These Times. He loves unions, as do his parents Gene and Cynthia.

Rosie Gray, a political reporter for BuzzFeed. She previously worked for the Village Voice. The occupations of her parents remains a mystery.

Max Blumenthal, a writer. He recently wrote a book about Israel called Goliath. Max's father is Sidney Blumenthal, former (or is he?) Clinton advisor. Once upon a time he wrote for the New Yorker. These days he busies himself freaking out when people write negative reviews of his son's book.

Eric Alterman, a columnist for The Nation. He wrote a review calling Blumenthal's book "awful."

Ben Smith, editor of Buzzfeed.

And the Winner is...

Max Blumenthal, whose book got some small amount of extra publicity.

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