Used to be Angelina Jolie showed everyone she was a wild angel by allowing the actor Billy Bob Thornton to perform acts of coitus with her and having a godawful dragon tattoo. Now that she's more mature, she has to dream up new ways to subvert our perceptions—of what a bride should wear on her wedding day; of what is and is not appropriate to do with the actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie got married in a dress and veil covered in her children's many-colored scribbles.

The scribbles were embroidered there by Versace's haute couture master tailor, Luigi Massi. "Luigi is like family to me and I couldn't imagine anyone else making this dress," Jolie told People. AGREED.

Photos of Jolie and Pitt's recent French wedding (styled "wedding albums," but really only in the sense that a deck of cards is a "photo album" of the royal family) will run concurrently in People in the U.S. and Hello! internationally.

According to Hello!, Pitt, the children, and the 20-some assembled guests hummed the Bridal Chorus as Jolie made her entrance. People reports that, in addition to walking Jolie down the aisle, acting as ring bearers, and redistributing flower petals from the garden in festive clumps, the children also helped write the couple's vows. Pitt reportedly borrowed a tie from one of his sons for the ceremony "because he forgot to pack his." Pax, 10, is credited with having baked the wedding cake.

The Daily Mail says that the wedding date was chosen to honor the 10-year anniversary of Jolie and Pitt's first meeting on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

[Images via Hello! and People]