You ever have a friend who was obsessed with your life? Always tryin' to stay over your house and learn your family members' names, then speaking to and about them in a familial tone? Saying, of you and your partner, "Oh my God, I love you guys together. You're seriously like my favorite couple. I wish I were part of the couple. Haha, is that weird? Just kidding, obviously, I like you guys together. Do you ever feel like I am part of the couple?"

Brad Pitt got a friend like that.

It's all his kids.

At the recent premiere of his new film Fury, People asked Pitt how his six children were enjoying his marriage to his legal wife—the kind of question parents gab about every day while waiting in line to buy colored construction paper and cut-up hot dogs for their families. Brad Pitt answered: "They like it they like it."

Actually, there was a thoughtful pause in between those statements that does not translate well to print—the poverty of notation laid bare by silence. Here's People's best approximation:

"They like it," Pitt told PEOPLE at the world premiere of his new movie Fury in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, pausing thoughtfully and smiling. "They like it."

Hey kids—can Brad Pitt live? Jesus.

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