Andrea Peyser, a troll who lives under a bridge and also an anger columnist at the New York Post, is very angry about the fact that the NYPD choked Eric Garner to death, then let his mom out of a traffic ticket. She's mad about the ticket part.

If you were to track Andrea Peyser's outrage over time and superimpose it on the chain of events, it would go: First, Eric Garner is put in a chokehold by police officers and dies [No outrage]; then, Al Sharpton and many others join with Eric Garner's mother Gwen Carr to protest his death [Mounting outrage]; then, most recently, NYPD higher-ups reportedly fixed Gwen Carr's broken headlight for her, and did not pursue giving her a ticket for that broken headlight [HUGE OUTRAGE].

Peyser does some journalism about Gwen Carr and the NYPD bosses—in her imagination!

"Don't they know who I am?!'' I can imagine her fuming. Wouldn't we all love to have the ability to have our gripes heard by a man of such juice? [...]

As a law-abiding taxpayer, this makes me furious. As a motorist, I want my money back for every traffic fine I've ever paid.

I hope the cops who treated Carr like she was above the law are punished. No one should be above the law. This is a scandal.

Andrea Peyser is a decent human being—in her imagination!

[Photo: AP]