Anderson cooper generally uses AC360's "RidicuList" segmentto skewer a weird local news story or a public figure's bizarre behavior. This week, he didn't realize his staff had instead written it about the awful scented candle on his desk until it was too late.

"Coworker crimes. You know what I mean: When people leave the break room a mess, won't stop talking when you're trying to work—that sort of thing. One of the most egregious offenses in a shared office space is best illustrated by this video, which I actually haven't seen before now," he starts. And then: "Oh, OK. That is actually my office. I did not know that."

As Cooper realizes his writers are airing their beef with the new basil-scented candle— which apparently smells like a "garden gnome's underwear drawer" and "Mario Batali's Crocs"—he stays calm, charming, and quick-witted. Almost too calm.

The host's surprise seems genuine, but a few moments of the supposed prank are worthy of closer scrutiny. How, for example, did a staffer know to cue up a clip from Anchorman as soon as Cooper mentioned Brian Fantana—was that on the script?—and how did they know he wouldn't look the RidicuList over in advance that day? We'll probably never know.

[h/t Reddit]