After CNN aired the latest segment of its ongoing "Gone to Pot" series on marijuana legalization in Colorado, many were quick to note that anchor and correspondent Randi Kaye looked more like an active partaker than merely a passive witness to history (skip to 4:30 if you're short on time).

Footage of the segment which was posted online under the title "CNN Reporter Gets Stoned During Story On Colorado Legalization" made it back to AC360 last night in the form of a Ridiculist entry.

Host Anderson Cooper initially joked about Kaye's "giggles," calling Kaye's piece the "greatest live hit that was ever on the program" and a "career high-light" for Kaye.

But after wrapping up the Ridiculist and turning back to his panel, Cooper dropped the pot puns and said the very thing that was already on everyone's minds: "I think she was high." (See video below.)

For her part, Kaye insists it was merely a contact high at most — but is it even possible to get a contact high from marijuana?

[There was a video here]

[video via CNN]