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So you've probably heard about how some guy—naturalist Paul Rosolie—was planning on having himself be eaten (alive!) by an anaconda on TV. The very special episode of Eaten Alive aired on the Discovery Channel last night, and while Rosolie had to abandon his mission before any part of him was actually devoured, the 15-minute ordeal is sufficiently traumatizing.

Rosolie, recounting his tumble with the snake, told the Telegraph, "When I went up to the snake, it didn't try to eat me right away. It tried to escape. And when I provoked it a little bit, and acted a little more like a predator, that's when it turned around and defended itself."

For about eight minutes (embedded above), Rosolie struggles with the snake biting and constricting him, before he calls in his team (embedded below) to rescue him.

So he didn't get eaten—he just got attacked. Snakes are not interested in your stupid television show. People on Twitter, as they are wont to do, were not happy about it.