George Zimmerman is on the move, it seems, and in quite a hurry.

A fugitive on the run from mob justice, Zimmerman was stopped for speeding this week while traveling through Forney, Texas, on his way to parts unknown.

Literally: When asked by the police officer where he was headed, Zimmerman replied "nowhere in particular."

"Nowhere in particular, why is that?" the officer asked. "You didn’t see my name [on the driver's license]?" Zimmerman responded

Zimmerman showed the officer he was packing heat by opening up his glove compartment and revealing a gun.

The officer then conducted a routine warrant check on Zimmerman, and, finding him clear, let him off with a warning.

"Just take it easy," the officer can be heard telling Zimmerman in dashcam footage obtained by "[G]o ahead and shut your glove compartment and don’t play with your firearm, ok?"

The entire stop lasted five minutes, after which Zimmerman was allowed to continue on his way to nowhere.

UPDATE: An earlier report suggested that this traffic stop took place today, but CBS DFW has received word that it actually occurred just before 1 PM on July 28th.

Also, the weapon in Zimmerman's possession was initially strapped to his body. It was the police officer who instructed Zimmerman to put it in the glove compartment.

[photo via AP, screengrab via]