PHILADELPHIA — Here at Gawker, a company bankrupt both economically and morally, we have rented no “official” DNC headquarters for the week. Luckily for us, the Washington Post has kindly allowed us into their beautiful set-up at the City Tap House, where we have been dining and imbibing all day, for free, which I presume will continue until the woman guarding the door realizes her mistake.

But a grave error has occurred, multiple times and I would like to—nay, I must—make my amends. To all the people (3) I’ve walked in on in the bathrooms, which I must admit don’t look like they lock—but they do—to them, I say, I’m sorry. We didn’t meet, because you pushed the door closed real quick, but I’d imagine you know who you are.

Also, the lock is a little click in the center of the handle, all you have to do is push it in :)