Animal rights activists have sued Dixie Landin’ park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to have a soda-guzzling, cigarette-smoking chimpanzee named Candy removed to an animal sanctuary, reports the Associated Press.

Here’s a video of Candy, who seems like a pretty chill, fairly lonely and sad chimpanzee:

The issue...well, there are a few issues: the suit alleges that Candy’s cage is “inadequate,” and that the park allows visitors to throw stuff into her enclosure. What kinds of stuff?

“Defendants have for decades allowed members of the general public to throw items into Candy’s cage, including lit cigarettes that Candy smokes. Just as with humans, cigarette smoking is very harmful for chimpanzees,” and letting her smoke violates the Endangered Species Act, the suit states.

Her handlers seem to think Candy prefers the bachelor lifestyle:

“Defendants provide Candy exclusively with Coca-Cola instead, claiming that Candy does not like water. However, Candy has readily accepted and drunk water offered to her by visiting experts. Water, not Coca-Cola, is an essential requirement for chimpanzees,” according to the suit.

The report says this is the first suit “filed under a new federal rule that requires captive chimps get the same protection as wild chimps.” Under the rule, captive chimps are considered endangered because their species is, you know, endangered. Makes sense!

The suit was filed today by the Animal Defense Fund on behalf of two nice ladies, Cathy Breaux, 62, and Holly Reynolds, 96, who’ve been advocating on Candy’s behalf for “decades.”

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Screenshot via YouTube