The FBI is negotiating with the those still holed up inside Malheur Wildlife Refuge, OPB reports, after Ammon Bundy, through his lawyer, encouraged the remaining militants to go home. Bundy’s wife Lisa, however, in a now-deleted post on the “Bundy Ranch” Facebook page, apparently questioned the authenticity of her husband’s statement.

The post, preserved by OPB’s Jon Sepulvado in a screenshot, read:

ALERT! From Ammon’s wife, Lisa: Ammon would not have called for the patriots to leave. We have lost a life but we are not backing down. He didn’t spill his blood in vain! Hold your ground... Ranchers come and stand! Committee of Safety come and stand! Militia come and stand!

“To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now in the courts. Please go home,” Ammon had said earlier, through his attorney.

Militant David Fry told OPB that those remaining have no plans to leave. “We have new leaders now and new plans.” Meanwhile, Ammon’s father, Cliven Bundy, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in a video interview, that Tuesday’s events, which left one militant dead, should be a wake-up call to America.

“This whole battle is over a Constitutional issue” Bundy said. “This is a total disaster to be happening in America...We have federal people killing innocent people.” He continued, “My sons and those people were there to do good. No harm was intended. They would never threaten anybody.”

This last is allegedly untrue: The federal complaint filed against Bundy et al. accused Jon Ritzenheimer and another militant of harassing a local woman and threatening to burn her house down.

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