In a statement, the FBI on Tuesday confirmed earlier reports that Ammon Bundy and several other armed militants were arrested north of Burns, Oregon, after a traffic stop north of Burns, Oregon, turned violent. One of the militants was killed. Six people were arrested.

The Harney District Hospital in Burns is on lockdown, and St. Charles Bend spokeswoman Lisa Goodman confirmed to that an Air Link helicopter was “on the ground” there.

Anthony Boswith, one of the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, told that Bundy had been due in John Day, a town north of Burns, for a scheduled meeting between community members and militants on Tuesday.

All of those arrested—Ammon Bundy; Ryan Bundy; Brian Cavalier; Shawna Cox; and Ryan Waylen Payne—are charged with conspiracy to impede a federal officer by force, which is a federal felony.

The deceased individual has not yet been identified, but Nevada state Rep. Michele Fiore, a friend and ally of the Bundy family, told OPB that it is Lavoy Finicum.

The Los Angeles Times informed Ammon’s father, Cliven Bundy, of his son’s arrest and the deadly shootout. “Isn’t this a wonderful country we live in?” Bundy said.

“We believe that those federal people shouldn’t even be there in that state, and be in that county and have anything to do with this issue,” he went on. “I have some sons and other people there trying to protect our rights and liberties and freedoms, and now we’ve got one killed, and all I can say is, he’s sacrificed for a good purpose.”

Update – 10:50 pm

The FBI has announced the additional arrest of Peter Santilli—a self-described journalist and Internet radio host. He is also charged with conspiracy to impede a federal officer by force. Santilli was broadcasting live, via YouTube, just before he was arrested.

Update – 11:15 pm

On Facebook, the Bundy Ranch wrote:

The resolve for principled liberty must go on.

It appears that America was fired upon by our government. One of liberty’s finest patriots is fallen. He will not go silent into eternity. Our appeal is to heaven.

Also, Jon Ritzheimer wrote that he is at home, in Arizona, and that he’s been asked to turn himself in.

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