[There was a video here]

Comedy Central's criminally underrated Kroll Show devoted most of last night's episode to a reality show pawn-porn parody called Pawnsylvania. In it, Nick Kroll's Philadelphian character swapped pawn shops with Jon Daly's Pittsburgher and verbal hideousness ensued. These accents are so hard to nail (I was flummoxed when Toni Collette was praised for her Philly accent in The Sixth Sense, which was...not a Philly accent), and also hard to differentiate, though they are substantially distinct.

This skit does both. As someone who grew up just 60 miles from the Wal Wiman bridge, and whose own tongue stars drawing out the "owww" of every word possible as soon as I cross the New York/New Jersey border, I think this is brilliant.