In the future, soda will not be some grotesque concoction of artificial flavors and sugar. In the future, soda will be a grotesque concoction of artificial flavors and mysterious taste bud-modifying chemical agents. Progress!

Ad Age reports on the soda improvement that could save Americans from drinking a whole lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners by replacing them with something even more terrifying, by which we mean "delicious":

PepsiCo, in collaboration with San Diego-based biotech firm Senomyx, is in the late stages of developing a "taste modifier" that would essentially fool taste buds into thinking they are getting more sugar than delivered. The ingredient, which is called "S617" and still requires regulatory approval, would theoretically allow for PepsiCo to lower the amount of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup in full-calorie beverages such as regular Pepsi, while keeping the same sweet cola taste.

Have they considered just adding LSD to water? It could accomplish the same thing.

We must fight to keep Diet Mtn Dew natural.

[Photo: Flickr]