Americans spend close to $2 billion a day dining out, and most of that money ain't being spent at The Four Seasons, if you know what we mean. (It is being spent on cheap garbage food.) Heartbreakingly, Americans now say they loathe the fast food chains to which they've pledged their lives.

"I hate Mcdonald's, KFC, and Taco Bell," you, the consumer, told Consumer Reports in their new survey of consumer food preferences. Those words were hard to understand, because you, the consumer, had countless Big Macs, chicken strips, and bean burritos stuffed into your mouth as you spoke. America's obvious affinity for cheap, bad burgers, chicken, and tacos makes their disloyalty to those who make their inexpensive poisoning possible all the more shocking.

-Consumers ranked McDonald's burgers last out of 20 burger chains.

-Consumers ranked KFC's chicken last out of eight chicken chains.

-Consumers ranked Taco Bell's last out of eight Mexican food chains.

Your mouths say "We hate you." But all I hear is "Wwwhhkdlmmmghddhhggg" (cause your mouth fulla chicken).

[Pic: Flickr]