People in the USA are fed up with these Washington politicians who don’t care about folks like us. We want to be led by those we really believe in: brands.

A new survey of you, the consumer, have far greater faith in faceless and soulless machines constructed for the purpose of generating revenue than you do in those darn Congressmen. Wily politicians? No thank you, sir. You, the consumer, would prefer a multibillion-dollar public company in charge of things. From the Rbb press release on their illuminating survey:

Apple® (33 percent) would do a better job than politicians taking over U.S. government operations, says a new Breakout BrandsTM survey by rbb Communications...

Walt Disney (28 percent) earned the second spot on the list of brands that consumers would vote for to run the government, followed by American Express (18 percent), Facebook (11 percent) and Starbucks (10 percent) rounding out the top five. Americans identify with companies that focus on their needs – more specifically, brands that “get” them.

Americans, a variety of domesticated animal specifically bred to be passive when seated in front of a television, would prefer a $621 billion branding consultancy with a side business in gadgets to those rascals—democratically elected leaders!!!!!!! Toss the bums out—and replace them with a credit card company!!!!!!! I say!!!!!!!

We deserve what we get.

[Via Ad Age. Fortunately, surveys like this are generally as worthless as the opinions that they contain. Photo: AP]