American journalist Peter Theo Curtis, who was held hostage by the Al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Syria for almost two years, is back in the U.S. He met his mom at Logan International Airport last night. In a statement to the Associated Press, Curtis said,

I have been so touched and moved, beyond all words, by the people who have come up to me today—strangers on the airplane, the flight attendants, and most of all my family—to say welcome home.

His mom, Nancy Curtis, noted that his homecoming is still a "somber" occasion because of James Foley's death and the other American hostages still trapped in Syria. "My heart goes out to the other families who are suffering," she told the AP.

American journalist Steven Sotloff and an unidentified American aid worker are still being held captive by ISIS in Syria. Yesterday, ISIS asked the U.S. for $6.6 million for the aid worker's release.

[Image via AP]