The U.S. Customs department spends several hundred million dollars on border security for our 2,000-mile border with Mexico. Congress may soon increase that amount by many billions of dollars. One thing we know for sure: we are gonna waste the hell out of that money.

I mean, the border is two thousand miles long. Whether you spend a half a billion dollars or tens of billions of dollars, there will still be lots of holes in that border. Walls are expensive! Assuming all of that money won't be spent on highly trained racist dogs, what will it be spent on? The LA Times went to the "Border Security Expo" to find out:

Gregory Schultz, who co-owns a Tucson-based business that manufactures clothing that stops electricity from penetrating a body, said his product, Thorshield, could help save border agents at risk of having their stun guns seized by assailants and used against them.

Schultz covered his hand in the cotton-like material, took up a stun gun and fired repeatedly.

"It's a highly conductive fabric that actually short-circuits stun guns and Tasers," he said without blinking.

It is high time a patriotic entrepreneur solved the problem of U.S. border patrol agents being tased by crafty (and quick-fingered) Mexicans who snatched their stun guns. We'll take $40 billion worth, please.

Update: A note from a representative of Thorshield, for our criminal readers:

Hi Hamilton.

My name is Peter Schwartz and I am a consultant to Thorshield. You featured them in your Gawker article.

We do have a concern that I hope you can help us address. Thorshield is only sold to law enforcement and that is not mentioned in the article, per the below link.

Would it be possible for you to add that information? It would help avoid the impression that just anyone can purchase Thorshield materials, including criminals.

[Photo: AP]