Amanda Bynes' involuntary psychiatric hold was extended for an additional 14 days today after her parents reportedly partnered with troubled-child-star-whisperer Sam Lutfi to trick her into returning to Los Angeles.

Bynes was placed under the 72-hour 5150 hold Friday after she spent a deeply disturbing week in New York following a DUI arrest in Los Angeles. Bynes' behavior appeared to escalate throughout her trip and culminated in the former actress publicly accusing her father of sexual abuse because of a "microchip in [her] brain."

Bynes reportedly believed she was returning to Los Angeles to meet with a lawyer, but was instead taken to a hospital and committed. TMZ reports skeezy Sam Lutfi—the Ghost of Britney Spears' Past—was also involved in the scheme:

We now have more clarification as to how Lutfi pulled it off. He told Amanda her car would be making 2 stops. First, to the lawyer's office in Pasadena and then to the London Hotel in West Hollywood where she would confront her parents and tell them about the lawsuit.

She never got to the London, because the driver went to a Pasadena hospital which looked like an office building. Amanda thought she was going to see the lawyer but when she walked inside she was surrounded by hospital staff.

This is the second time the actress has been hospitalized under an extended 5150 hold.

[image via AP]