Last week, troubled young woman Heidi Montag reached out to troubled young woman Amanda Bynes via Twitter and offered her a place to stay. How nice. She doubled down on her embarrassingly misguided and deeply unhelpful opportunism in a recent interview with Extra.

"I reached out to Amanda Bynes," she begins, "because I feel like sometimes you just need support from people, whether it's strangers, or friends, or family, and I saw that she was sleeping on a couch, so I thought, you know, I talked to my husband about it and I was like, well we have this guest house, and she could kinda just come here and get away from the chaos of what's going on and relax in a safe, loving environment, so I thought maybe it'd be nice to offer her somewhere to go so she felt like she...didn't have anywhere to be right now."


She goes on about why she publicly tweeted this offer to Amanda Bynes—a stranger to her—for two minutes, but here are the bullet points:

  • "[The guest house in Santa Barbara] is out of LA and it's nice and relaxing."
  • Amanda Bynes is under a conservatorship, and Heidi is "not sure what that deal is" but "if she doesn't have somewhere to go she definitely can stay for free at [their] house."
  • If Amanda wanted to stay at Heidi's house, "[she] would help her as much or as little as she wanted."
  • Heidi thinks Amanda, a young woman who is clearly suffering from a very public battle with mental illness, "just kinda needs somewhere to go where it's not your stressful environment, or, you know, a lot of people that are just in a chaotic world with her right now."
  • "If she wanted [Heidi's] help with anything else in her life [Heidi] would love to be there for her and give her that hospitality and support."
  • "Whatever she would or wouldn't need."
  • Heidi hasn't ever met Amanda, but she thinks "she's a very talented actress." In fact, she thinks "that she's one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood."

Heidi also notes that she was "really shocked" when she found out that more lecherous fame-hounds in Hollywood haven't been reaching out to Amanda offering support in a thinly-veiled attempt to enter their name into a dark conversation that has nothing to do with them or anyone else, but does concede that "maybe they have and you just haven't really heard about it."

Amanda hasn't contacted Heidi since she made her benevolent guest house offer, but Heidi is hoping that she will, adding that she "hasn't twittered since that happened," so.

Amanda Bynes: Please block Heidi Montag on Twitter.

[h/t UsMagazine]